Charred & chopped

charred jalapeno chimichurri, chopped smokey flank steak, creamy spiced corn salsa

short rib

smoked & shredded short ribs, G’s Guajillo bbq, pickled red onions, avocado aji sauce, cotija cheese, cilantro

doritos & steak

chopped steak, cotija cheese, crushed doritos, tomato salsa, chipotle lime crema 


ancho-orange pulled pork taco

crunchy salsa macha ( contains pumpkin seeds ) charred corn & avocado crema, cotija cheese

smoked al pastor

slow smoked and mopped with a sticky pineapple habanero sauce green aji salsa, chopped white onion


tender pork shoulder, sugar cane coca-cola glaze, green goddess avocado salsa

vegetarian & vegan

Ancho-Orange Portabellos

Smokey Portobello mushrooms, Ancho-Orange sauce, shaved lettuce, pickled onions, avocado crema, cotija cheese 

Jackfruit Tinga

slow braised jackfruit tinga ( chilies & tomatoes ) lime crema, chopped white onion, cilantro

G's Guajillo BBQ'd tempeh or vegan sausages

sweet and spicy smoked tempeh or vegan sausages, roasted corn and lime salsa, creamy avocado agua-faba creme, shaved lettuce, pickled red onions


smoked & pulled

dry rubbed with our sweet & spicy blend, smoked & pulled. Chipotle Lime slaw, pickled red onions, cotija cheese, cilantro

charred & chopped

charred jalapeno chimichurri, chopped smokey chicken breast, creamy spiced corn salsa


grilled shrimp

Acho-orange marinated shrimp, mexican slaw, habanero tartar sauce

chipotle halibut

grilled halibut, green goddess avocado slaw, chipotle lime pickled red onions, cilantro

taco bar

a taco bar is also a great option. work with our team to help you build a selection of meats and toppings, then, let your guests create the combinations.