all things corn

charred corn salad | sweet corn, avocado, roasted jalapeno chimichurri

Southern style creamed corn | sweet corn, thyme, aged cheddar

Mexican style creamed corn | sweet corn, roasted poblanos, cojita cheese

on the cob

classic | butter & salt 

Elote | Mexican style street corn

Bayou | grilled & dipped in cajun honey butter

charred vegetables

grilled seasonal vegetables, served with whipped goat cheese & smoked honey

chilled salads

marinated tomato salad | roasted garlic, white balsamic, shaved onions, avocado & arugula

spicy watermelon vinaigrette & local greens | crumbled goat, toasted nuts, fresh berries


creamy cabbage & carrot | honey dijon, fresh dill, chopped pickles

Maple chipotle & lime | sweet & smokey chipotles, lime crema, shaved cabbage & onion

Mac & cheese

Jalapeno & bacon

gruyere, edam and aged cheddar, charred & chopped Jalapenos, bacon bit crumble

peppered cheddar

black peppered white & orange cheddar, scoobi-doo noodles

black & white

black truffle breadcrumb crust, aged white cheddar, scoobi-doo noodles

southwest smoke (cold)

chilled macaroni salad, smoked paprika, creamy pimento cheese, 


Potato salad

Grandmas potato salad | chopped eggs, pickles, dijon, mayo

Pimento cheddar potato salad | garlic mayo, roasted red peppers, scallion, grated cheddar cheese

skillet potatoes

boiled and crisped on the grill, tossed in a yellow pepper chimichurri.

ash roasted baked potatoes

foil wrapped and cooked in the smoker, served with lemon garlic or blue cheese butter




cowboy beans

slow cook pinto beans with guajillo chilies, onions and smoked shredded brisket

*ask for Vegetarian*

maple baked beans

navy beans, maple bacon, charred peppers & onions

*ask for vegetarian*

cheddar corn bread

fluffy corn bread, charred poblanos, cheddar cheese, served with smoked honey butter

cheesy pull-apart garlic bread

crusty sourdough, garlic butter, mozzarella and aged white cheddar