st.louis style

a trimmed section of spare ribs that looks like baby back ribs. They’ve got big porky flavour with 11-13 bones. slow smoked, and finished in a wrap, their distinctive shape provides a desireable cut that emphasizes the tender meat and rich marbling. these are mopped every 30 minutes in the last 2 hours of the cook. sticky and smoky.

Sauce options

  • spicy apple bbq
  • enchilada bbq 
  • chipotle pineapple bbq glaze

baby back ribs

These ribs are cut high on the hog. they contain a more delicate and lean meat. these tend to be smaller in size but offering a sweeter, milder taste. these are prized for easily obtaining the ‘fall off the bone’ texture. we celebrate these with classic southern sauces.

Sauce Options

  • bacon & bourbon bbq sauce
  • kansas city style bbq
  • coca-cola bbq glaze

burnt ends

slow smoked, cubed pork belly. extremely tender pieces of pork, crusted with Mister G’s pork seasoning that contains a well balanced blend of dried chilies herbs and flaky salt. these get tossed in a charred onion & whiskey coating and returned to the smoker for a perfect bite of smoky bbq’d pork. 

belly bites

scored, and marinated overnight, these belly bites are piled high and topped with an Argentinian red Chimichurri. The red chimichurri is a blend of chopped herbs and chilies, soaked in a red wine vinegar which cuts through the fat of the belly and lightens all the flavors around it. A common and popular dish on a hot evening with friends and family. we serve this fresh off the cutting board as an appetizer at your event. 

pulled pork

ancho-orange pulled pork

rubbed with a blend of toasted ancho chilies, orange zest, garlic and other aromatic spices this becomes an instant hit at any event. Once its pulled, we toss it in a the tangy citrus sauce mixed with lime, orange and the drippings caught during the smoke.

north carolina pulled pork

slow smoked and shredded, this is the true origin of pulled pork. careful not to mask that flavor, it gets dirzzled lightly with a spice and vinegar mixture. cutting that fat and enhances the flavor or some the smoke from the hickory chunks.