smoked bacon & apple bourbon crisp

Sweet & Tangy apples with the smoky bacon help contrast the rich notes of bourbon. These flavours meld together perfectly with the crunch crisp. this is both comforting and indulgent. Sweet  

grilled peaches & smoked honey

gently grilled peaches enhancing their natural sweetness while adding a unique depth to characteristic. brushed with a house smokey honey that adds warmth to the light cinnamon dust. topped with a citrus whipped cream for an added layer of texture. * available July 25 – Sept 30

fresh berries & caramel

summers finest flavors. silky caramel and the fresh berries create a harmonious balance with their natural tartness cutting through the rich caramel. garnished with fresh mint and roasted almond clusters for a nutty crunch. * available June – August

salted caramel apple pie bars

apple pie in a bite. soft short bread crust, apples soaked in sugar and cinnamon, streusel topping and warm caramel * available sept – Oct 30

buttermilk pie

a southern classic with a velvety smooth vanilla filling balanced with the right amount of sweetness. subtle hints of brown sugar and nutmeg with a flaky, buttery crust.

peanut butter fudge brownies

rich & decadent. nutty flavours of the peanut butter and fudgy goodness, topped with chopped peanuts to add a satisfying salty layer of crunch to the bite.